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Betting is social

Now you have the power to make real money bets with your group of friends. Ditch those old confusing gambling sites, because Betolio has made betting social, simple, and free.


Your leagues

Browse the world's most popular football leagues and select any match scheduled for kickoff within the next 7 days.

Bet on the world's most popular football leagues

Custom bets

Keep it fun by creating custom bets around your favorite teams, players, statistics, outcomes, and friends. If you can dream it, you can bet it.

Bet on whatever you Football match you want

Your friends

Send and receive easy-to-understand bets with your group of Facebook friends.

Bet your Facebook friends on Football matches

Always updated

It's easy to see if you're winning, losing, or breaking even on your bets.

Track your bets with Betolio

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User accounts are being released on a first come, first served basis. Signup today, and we'll notify your account is ready.

We're a global team

What began with an observation - that sports fans have no easy way to bet with friends interactively on sporting events - evolved into a whole new sports experience. Our elite team set out to build the world’s best social sports betting service.

Michael Weber

Michael Weber
Digital Overlord
Christoffer Johansson

Christoffer Johansson
Corporate Magician
Aaron McCoy

Aaron McCoy
Creative Genius
Torbjörn Johansson

Torbjörn Johansson
Slave Driver

Frequenty asked questions

When it comes to "free" apps, especially ones with that present the opportunity to earn money, you're going to have questions.

Does it cost anything?
Our service is free. We don't charge fees for deposits and we don't keep a percentage of your winnings. Our payment provider does charge a small transaction fee for withdraws, but we don't take a cut. Our goal is to enhance your sports betting experience, not decrease the size of your wallet.
Why should I reserve an account?
In order to provide a robust, world-class betting experience, accounts are being released responsibly to ensure that our betting system is safe, secure, and fast as lightning. We're awarding account reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get on the list to save your spot in line.
How soon can I use Betolio?
We can't say for sure when you will be rewarded with an account, but we'll notify you the instant it's ready. If you'd like to help Betolio reach the marketplace as fast as humanly possible, you can invest at the ground level and share in our success.